ADHD Support Groups


Support groups have been shown to be really helpful in assisting people with ADHD or parents of children with ADHD to manage.

Sharing information and strategies can be excellent for helping affected people to cope with the challenges, and of course the acceptance and understanding one finds at a support group is highly positive and a relief for many who often suffer in silence.

Meeting and talking with other ADHD adults or other parents of children with ADHD, particularly those with older children, may have solutions to help you solve the problems you're facing at this moment.   That can give you hope which his invaluable.   You realise, often for the first time, that you are not alone.

Educating yourself about ADHD and the treatments and strategies available is paramount and many support groups provide professional speakers and information sessions to do just that.

In the drop down menu you will find several existing support groups in various areas around NSW/ACT.  However, if you can’t find a group in your area you could perhaps think of starting your own group!  Northern Beaches ADHD Support Group will be pleased to give you some tips on how to do that.   Please use the contact form to contact them direct for further information.

If you run or know of any other support groups not listed, please contact Northern Beaches ADHD Support Group on to be added to the list.

 Online Support Groups

While face-to-face support groups are the most effective way to connect there are also online forums available where you can post questions and gain answers or support from others online.

Northern Beaches ADHD Support Group has a regular Facebook page for support, encouragement and information at:

Beaches ADHD Support 

as well as a closed forum where members need to be added by a forum Admin and all posts are then private to that group only.  This can be found at:

Beaches ADHD Support Group

Also available is the Nepean Penrith Area Support Group Forum found at:

ADHD Support Group Nepean-Penrith Area - Closed Group