Co-morbid Conditions or conditions associated with ADHD

What is co-morbid?

The term co-morbid is often used when talking about conditions associated with ADHD. Co-morbid just means the tendency of one condition to co-exist with another – in this case ADHD.

What are the co-morbid conditions most commonly associated with ADHD?

There are several conditions more commonly found in people diagnosed with ADHD than for the general population.

Whilst some people with ADHD may have multiple co-morbid conditions others may not have any at all.

ADHD’s most common co-morbid conditions are:

Not all children with ADHD have a co-morbid disorder. Nor do all people with learning disabilities and Tourette’s syndrome for example, have ADHD.  But when they do occur together, the combination of problems can seriously complicate a person's life.  For this reason, it's important to ensure a proper diagnosis of other disorders in children who have ADHD.