Listed below are some organisations that may be helpful for obtaining a diagnosis of dyslexia or offering dyslexia support after a diagnosis has been made.

Central Coast Dyslexia Association

The Central Coast Dyslexia Association is a neutral organisation, funded by donation, aiming to help disseminate information within our community through events and presentations.

Through this organisation they hope to assist parents, teachers and dyslexics across the age range, by linking them to the appropriate support, information and resources.


Defy Dyslexia

Defy Dyslexia launched in August 2013 as a national campaign with the aim of uniting all lobbying efforts by Dyslexia advocates.

The campaign aims to provide a national voice for families, dyslexia services providers, teachers, schools and lobby organisations. Each of these community groups has a shared single vision – the implementation of the Recommendations to the Federal Government by the Dyslexia Working Party (January 2010).

Tracey Lucock
Co-founder & Campaigner
Marketing & Media
Tel: 0422 218 533
Email: tracey@defydyslexia.com.au
Web: defydyslexia.com.au

Facebook: facebook.com/groups/defydyslexia


Sydney Irlen Dyslexia Centre
466 King Georges Rd
Beverly Hills
NSW 2209

Email: di@sidc1.com
Website: www.sidc.net.au
Mob:  0437 698 559
Contact: Nerida Crowe

The Sydney Irlen Dyslexia Centre assesses children and adults for underlying perceptual issues which contribute to learning difficulties in the areas of: Reading, Spelling, Concentration, Behaviour, Motivation and Self-Esteem.

An assessment will determine if the perceptual condition, Irlen Syndrome/Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome (SSS) is present.  This is a genetic, light sensitivity condition which affects 10-20% of the population.  It can cause eyestrain, headaches, migraines, fatigue, frustration and depth perception difficulties.

Should an assessment confirm the condition, Irlen Spectral Filter Lenses are prescribed to eliminate, or reduce significantly, a person's perceptual difficulties and allow them to process visual information more efficiently and effectively.

Appointments can be made by contacting the Sydney Irlen Dyslexia Centre on
02 9554 4790.

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