SPELD NSW is a Public Benevolent Institution whose mission is to provide advice and services to children and adults with specific learning difficulties and those who teach, work with and care for them. SPELD NSW is one of the National Federation of SPELD Associations, AUSPELD. It is an incorporated not-for-profit association of parents and professionals committed to advancing the education and well-being of children and adults with Specific Learning Difficulties.

2/172 Majors Bay Road
Tel: 02 9739 6277
(Referral Officers are available from 10am – 2.00pm Monday to Thursday)
Fax: 8765 1487
Email: enquiries@speldnsw.org.au
Web: www.speldnsw.org.au

The Learning Difficulties Coalition of NSW Inc

The LDC operates a telephone helpline during school hours on school days.  We can offer information regarding resources, support within the school systems, contacts for assessments, support groups, tutors, articles relevant to all areas of Learning Difficulties and more.  The LDC also offer a membership to individuals, schools and organisations which provides quarterly newsletters, fortnightly member updates and member discounts.  The LDC also runs a seminar each school term on a variety of topics - our current seminar is on "Working Memory".  Past topics include "Understanding IQ & Educational Assessments", "Anxiety and LD", "Resilience" and more. The LDC has a range of publications covering topics such as ADHD, Anxiety and Learning Difficulties.  Please see our website for further information or email/phone the office.

Tel: 9806 9960
Email: info@ldc.org.au
Web: www.ldc.org.au

Learning Difference Convention

An event for anybody who needs help with learning difficulties.

Web: www.learningdifferenceconvention.com

GLD Australia

GLD Australia is a national not-for-profit online learning community and support group responding to the needs of gifted children and gifted adults with learning disability and other learning challenges including ADHD.

Through the sharing of information, research and personal experiences, GLD Australia members seek to provide support for GLD children and for those who care for, teach and advocate for them.

Formed in June 2012, GLD Australia is an independent community with a member-owned and member-operated closed and non-archived Yahoo group list. GLD Australia has no political or commercial affiliations.

As well as communicating via its Yahoo discussion group, GLD Australia members who live in the Sydney area hold regular face-to-face meetings in Burwood, usually once per calendar month. At meetings and on the Yahoo group, members discuss issues such as: interpreting IQ assessments, raising and teaching GLD children and teens, liaising with schools and teachers, applying for disability adjustments for State exams and other tests, as well as a wide variety of learning disabilities and other learning challenges, such as ADHD and ASD. In keeping with the GLD ‘recipe’ of BOTH feed the gift AND accommodate/remediate the disabilities, topics about supporting ‘plain’ gifted are also included. Some meetings feature an invited guest speaker and some are held as discussion/support groups. We also have a small library and attendees at meetings are able to borrow items of interest. All are welcome to join. Joining is free – simply send an email to the address below.

Email: gld.australia@yahoo.com.au

Gifted Families Support Group Inc

GFSG is a not for profit association formed by local mums to support families and teachers of gifted children. This is done through their K-6 games nights, Little GEMs Playgroup, school holiday activities, mum’s dinner’s, parent/teacher seminars, Facebook group for adults, Edmodo group for children, Member’s library, eNewsletters etc.

They provide members with up-to-date information and with the latest developments in gifted education. They have a library with an extensive range of books and resources available to full and professional/teacher members.

P O Box 51
Miranda NSW 1490

Web: www.gfsg.org.au
Email: info@gfsg.org.au

Twice Exceptional Educational Consultancy

Twice Exceptional Educational Consultancy is based in Sydney's Inner West and assists bright and gifted students who are underachieving at school.  Very often the causes of the underachievement involve the diagnosis of a specific learning disability that has been masked by the child’s capacity to cope in the classroom at an apparently average level in literacy and numeracy.  In a high proportion of these cases there are indications of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD), most often of the passive-inattentive type which has not been noted by the school.  Standardised achievement testing can be performed before advising on the way forward for the student’s education in a teamwork approach with paediatricians, parents, the school and, possibly, a tutor.

Web: www.twice-exceptional.com.au
Contact: Rhonda Filmer
Email: filmer@tpg.com.au

Tel: 02 9799 9631
Mob: 0412 275 061