Creative Interventions with Angry Children

A one day workshop for professionals working with challenging children
Sunday 22 February 2014
10am to 4pm

Leonie Reisberg is a creative arts psychotherapist with over 30 years clinical experience working with children and teens.  She is the creator and Director of Kidslink, a social skills program in Turramurra that has been running for 13 years.  She has worked with hundreds of angry children and teens using creative interventions to assist these children in channeling their right to express themselves in less destructive ways.

Learning through a hands-on approach, this workshop will empower you through creative interventions to help these children manage their angry feelings, both immediately and as long term coping strategies.

Limited to 10 participants
Vegetarian lunch included
6 hours PD certificate and all materials included
$200 (GST Inclusive).

Bookings essential: 0414 452 177 or

Kyds Programs/Forums

KYDS Youth Development Service Inc
Rear 265 Pacific Highway
Lindfield  NSW 2070
Tel: 9416 9824
Fax: 9416 9825
Email: (Kym Carlson, Assistant Manager Clinical Services)

Interactive Programs run by not-for-profit organisation include:

Young Women's Program (Year 8-10)

Aims to increase their understanding of the various issues covered and provide practical skills for positive decision-making about these issues including drug & alcohol, body image and self-esteem, bullying and cyber-safety, sexual health and relationships.

Young Men's Program (Year 8-10)

Aims to increase their understanding of the various issues covered and provided practical skills for positive decision making about these issues including drug & alcohol, anger management, bullying and cyber-safety and gender roles in society and relationships.

  • Body Image, Self-Esteeem & Resilience (Girls Year 7-10)
  • Drug & Alcohol (Year 8-10 students)
  • Managing the HSC Years (Year 10-12 students)
  • Mental Health Education (Year 7-12 students and/or staff)
  • Paying attention to self (PATS) Program (13-18 year olds with parent/sibling with mental health issues)
  • Tailor Made Programs/Forums


Reach supports young people to get the most out of life.  They aim to improve the wellbeing on young people so they can be healthy and resilient to meet life's challenges and fulfil their potential.

Each year, 40,000 young people aged 10-18 experience Reach through their youth-led preventative workshops - designed and delivered by their young crew.

Young people say Reach improves their self-awareness and helps them build more meaningful connections.

Primary School Workshops

Early intervention approach to support young people in the transition from primary to secondary school.  Run as a series of four they incorporate fun and creative activities that encourage students to explore themes such as bullying, the importance of empathy, understanding and appreciating difference and the impact of our beliefs on our behaviour.

Secondary School Workshops

Can dramatically change the classroom dynamic - creating an environment of awareness and mutual respect.  They are a powerful complement to your school's social and personal learning curriculum, providing students with positive and relevant strategies and skills they can apply at school and to their everyday lives.

Contact: Peta Sullivan
Tel: 02 8218 9200

Principals Australia Institute - MindMatters

MindMatters is about young people, their mental health and wellbeing.  We help schools support young people to achieve their goals, build relationships and cope with challenges.  Their framework provides you with the information, skills and resources needed to create positive and proactive schools.

Principals Australia Institute
Suite 2, Level 7, 28 Foveaux Street
Surry Hills  NSW 2010
Tel: 02 8333 9613
Mob: 0408 642 418



We are the first generation to live, teach and parent in a world of electronic and social media. This is our children’s world - they know no different. Whilst incredibly exciting and fun, and instantly gratifying, it is becoming evident that attaining balance amongst the chaos is vital to our wellbeing.

The education system has been innovative in embracing these new technologies in our classrooms, expanding learning and ensuring immediate access to vast amounts of external information and instantaneous communication. Earth School’s mission is to help find balance in this fast-paced environment, to nurture and foster the growth and potential of the whole child and the whole teacher.

Taking a break from the increasingly fast paced, outcome driven world to disconnect and spend time just with ourselves will allow us to reconnect with the uniqueness of who we are. Focusing on what we are experiencing and feeling through meditation, how this affects us, and how we might better respond to the world around us is an important life skill to learn and treasure. Regular practice of this skill can help us in becoming more resilient and better able to nourish and care for ourselves.



  • In school student meditation classes for classrooms:
    • small groups of students who would benefit from deepening connection and a sense of belonging;
    • lunch time meditation classes open to all students.
  • Earthkeeper Schools Program.
    • 1 to 3 day full day programmes for classes and year groups offering activities to deepen connection to the Earth, ourselves and each other.


  • Staff meditation classes.
    • Weekly 45 minute after-school meditations for staff to refuel, refocus, reflect and reconnect. Teaching involves giving and caring for the unique needs and learning styles of large numbers of students. Regular meditation for teachers offers an opportunity to restore balance, reduce stress and to reconnect both with ourselves and with others. By experiencing regular meditation, teachers can learn skills and tools which can be used in the classroom and beyond to support both themselves and their students.
  • Staff In-services and Personal Development days.
    • Workshops and activities to support self-reflection and personal development: Who am I? What are my unique strengths and challenges? What do/can I offer as part of this school? How can I acknowledge or deepen the support and care I offer myself and others in the school community and beyond? 


Louise Kissane has been teaching children of all ages for over 20 years as a PD/H/PE teacher. Throughout her career she has worked at both Primary and Secondary levels in the Public, Private and Catholic systems.

Currently Louise teaches PE, Sport and Meditation at St Mary’s Catholic School, Manly and runs the Earthkeeper School Programme for St Mary’s. She is also lucky enough to accompany groups of secondary students into the outdoors as part of the Stella Maris College Duke of Edinburgh staff, which includes leading the girls on the Milford track in NZ each year.

Meditation is a simple tool to bring balance, develop emotional awareness and resilience, reduce stress and anxiety levels, promote calm, help focus, and to remind individuals of their own potential to thrive as part of our schools, communities and the wider world.

After experiencing the benefits of meditation in her own life, a desire to connect others to this important life skill led Louise to train as a meditation teacher. It became very obvious, through Louise’s experience with the Personal Development and Health syllabus and through her own interaction with children and teenagers with a wide variety of needs, how beneficial meditation would be as part of our education system, which is why Louise has developed this series of programmes.


Mob: 0438679041