Yoga &  Meditation


Louise Kissane
Mindfulness teacher
Earth School Meditation

Louise Kissane has been teaching children of all ages for over 20 years as a PD/H/PE teacher.  She is also a mother of 2 teenage children.

After experiencing the benefits of meditation in her own life, a desire to connect others to this important life skill led Louise to train as a meditation teacher. It became very obvious, through Louise’s experience with the Personal Development and Health syllabus and through her own interaction with children and teenagers with a wide variety of needs, how beneficial meditation is as a simple tool to bring balance, develop emotional awareness and resilience, reduce stress and anxiety levels, promote calm, help focus, and to remind individuals of their own potential to thrive as part of our families, communities and the wider world to which we belong.

Currently Louise teaches PE, Sport and Meditation at St Mary’s Catholic School, Manly and runs the Earthkeeper School Programme for St Mary’s.

She offers weekly meditation classes for children throughout the term both within the schools system and externally.

She also offers school holiday workshops.

Tel: 0438 679 041

Breathing Space Yoga
Denby Sheather

Katie Brown

Katie is a senior yoga teacher on the Northern Beaches and a mum of three children.

She understands what it is like to raise energetic, creative and challenging children with no family support. That’s why she runs nurturing yoga classes – and is available for workshops and private sessions.

Katie has also written a book – Mother Me: a mum’s guide to balance, wellbeing and harmony and she has produced Ten Minute Tone – a series of ten minute yoga routines and guided relaxations for you and your entire family.

For more information about her classes and workshops please visit:

Mob: 0415 503 119

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